I am sorry for the recent downtime. I had some issues with a plugin implementation causing the dreaded “whitescreen”. This should now be resolved and the site should be fully […]

Sorry about changing the theme yet again, but I couldn’t come to ease with the previous theme. It was nice indeed, but I didn’t find it suiting my blog very […]

Some might believe I am unstable or otherwise have a bothered mind, since I’m changing the theme yet again. However, I did feel it necessary to change the theme, and […]

So WordPress launched version 2.5 of its popular blogging software. It’s not now installed and running. If you discover any oddities or bugs, please let me know! For more info about version 2.5, check out Wordpress’ official devblog.

Just a short note on the update of WordPress. is now running the latest version, 2.3.3. I also noticed some problems with the “lightbox” theme when viewing pictures. When […]