Atra Vulgus reunite, part 2.

There was some decent response on my last post so I figure it’s time for another one.


I’ll let you know what my plans are for AoC. The next year I will have a truckload of schoolwork to do, besides having a part time job requiring me to work 1-3 shifts a week. On total I assume I will have perhaps 2 evenings per week to play AoC. That means I will be playing very casual, and if I am to join/found any guild, it will be on those terms.

What do you think? Does that sound like your plans as well, or are we going down different roads here?

Another thing. As there are a limited amount of player cities these will probably be taken by the larger guilds. I am as of yet unsure whether several guilds can go together building one city. This may mean that we’ll have to join another large guild, or create some alliance with one (or more). Methinks being part of a city sounds awesome.

So, what are your plans, and what do you reckon we do?



  1. Well, have lots of scoolstuff aswell when AoC comes out, and I aswell work on shifts varying 1-7 a week. So I won’t be always online, but still, the fact that made AV so awesome was the fact that we had both casual and hardcore members (well, before TBC came :< ). So I guess we’d have to make some connections to other guilds. And there is always the possibility of taking some new peeps in aswell..?

  2. Booyah!

    As I told already, I’m again pretty busy with WoW, so I would play AoC only casually as well.

    Plus as it is with WoW, I believe it is with Aoc as well: to enjoy hardcore content, one must be hardcore himself. Of course you can have a guild that has both casual and hardcore players and owns a town, but the town is made by the hardcore players and they are the ones who enjoy it the most. The casual players can only go around saying “my guild has a town, yay!”. Epix, anyone? 😉

    I wonder why anyone would have problems with such, though. Don’t become selfish! 🙂

  3. Oh, in addition I need to comment the pictures:

    I generally don’t like it. The sky looks cool, the dragon looks decent, the dudes look horrible and the terrain looks awful!

    I would need to see some of this stuff in action. Maybe I’ll youtube it! 😀

  4. Veppy and Marvell:

    I love to see that you’re interested in joining for AoC when it arrives, although in comparison to the last post about AoC the current interest is rather disappointing. Because of this I will not spend much time organizing anything at this point in time. Feel free to contact the others to see what they want, but I will not do so. Just a heads up! Keep in touch 🙂

  5. Ah, sorry to disappoint you smellur but havent checked the site recently.. schoolwork ftl. but anyhow im in. jus give me lots of money and love

  6. Hey guys, probably a long-shot but does anyone still have Mentoz’ email adress?

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