Facebook owns you, or at least wants to

Facebook have now reverted back to the previous TOS in response to the reactions of users world wide. If you’d like more information on what is going on with the TOS, check out the group Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities (it’s on Facebook; ironic, I know!). In response to this update I have again enabled a “Post on facebook” link.

Apparently Facebook has modified their TOS (Terms of Service). When you signed up for Facebook you agreed to sort of a contract (which is this TOS I’m talking about). Previously it stated something of the lines that whatever material you publish on Facebook, Facebook (as a company) can use free of charge on “the Facebook service”. Previously, if you deleted your account and all material included in it, Facebook stated they would no longer retain those rights.

But ah, there’s been a change of plans. Facebook has changed their TOS to, in short, state that all material you publish on their site is theirs to use for whatever they wish, whenever they wish and free of any charge, and according to Facebook these rights are irrevocable. Materials include pictures, video clips, arrangement information, your list of friends and their e-mail addresses, phone numbers and, yes, even your own name, address and birth day if published. Do I hear you ask where to find the “sign up” button?

This presents an issue though. Have you ever seen those “Terms of Service has changed, please read and accept before using this website” on any service you’ve used? I notice them from time to time. The slick part is that you automatically agree to them, and are encouraged to read them next time you enter the web site. If you then do not accept, I guess you have to delete your account or something the likes. I have never actually gone to that step, personally, but I am considering doing so with my Facebook account. But I digress. Earlier I called the TOS sort of a contract. By clicking accept both you and the service provider, in this case Facebook, electronically sign a contract. The properties of this contract is in fact the TOS. If you are especially bright minded you understand where I’m going at. Facebook has now changed, as far as I understand, the contract (yes, it is a contract) in the middle of its lifetime. I am by no means an educated legal person, but that sounds fishy to me.

So, Facebook owns your “material” until the end of the world. How about that? What do you think?

Edit: Just came to think of, I have removed the “Post to Facebook” link I usually have at the end of each post. I don’t want anyone to give my blog to Facebook 😛

Ref: http://www.neowin.net/news/main/09/02/16/facebook-we-own-your-content-forever-and-ever

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