2D barcodes for mobile devices.

These types of 2d barcodes have become increasingly popular on webpages having mobile content. With a mobile phone you can then “scan” this barcode and it will provide some information to your mobile phone, for instance <send message containing “Torpify rules” to “1234”>. Pretty sweet. The barcode below only contain the url to this site, so if you scan it with your phone it will tell your phone to open “http://www.torpify.net” in its browser :-). It could potentially save you loads of time typing on your mobile phone, which we all know can be quite tedious sometimes. Try it out!


I downloaded a pretty good S60 (Symbian OS) barcode scanner from http://reader.kaywa.com, but I believe Nokia have made one for their phones.

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  1. Oooo! Det er faktisk ekte, ja. Jeg så dette i en episode av NCIS for et par uker siden faktisk. Utrolig spennende.

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