A few updates

For those it may concern:

I updated the about and software sections a tiny bit, if you wanna take a look. Chances are you allready know me, but anyways.

I am also pondering with the idea of finding some other design for this site; any ideas? I have the feeling this theme is a tad simplistic. Hmm … decisions, decisions :-O

Also, feel free to make comments on anything. Really! In fact there are quite a handful of views on this blog, but few comments. Now, don’t be shy people! Let your inner writer out (uhm … yeah).


  1. I think your design is very nice tbh. I do not think it is simplistic, as much as it is just pleasant to look at. If I was to change it, I would not change more than the colour theme.

  2. Tja, banneren kunne vært litt lavere og bredden på siden kunne vært litt større. Her er det ikke snakk om mer enn 75 pixler på banneren, og 50-100 totalt på bredden.

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