The big red button – behold the great power contained within!

In my kitchen, which is more or less a bench on the left hand side of the living room, I have a cooking fan (or whatever it is called). You know, the fan over the stove. So this one has five buttons. One of the five buttons is lighting. The last four are controlling fan speed, from 1 – 4. At any time one of these four have to be “active”, meaning you cannot turn of the fan. Its sound level considered I don’t really see why I would want to turn it off anyways (airflow rules). But here is the big red button! Usually, when you push one of the speed selection buttons, the other one pops back out, and the other way around etc. It is not possible to turn the fan off. But aaahh … after succumbing to the power of the big red button I attempted to circumvent this mechanism and found out that if I press two or more buttons half way in at the same time, both pop back out; fan turned off! VICTORY!

So I did my dance of victory and told my girlfriend of my recent discovery. Soon after it occurred to me: I don’t actually believe the fan-speed-control-button-designers designed the buttons like they did just to hide the possibility to turn the fan off. The idea is perhaps that it’s a good thing keeping it running, and let you vary its speed. Simple as that. So I went back, and turned it on. And it’s still on.

Have you succumbed to the power of a big red buttons in your daily doings? Let me know!


  1. I think it’s just a thing to keep the power consumption going and contributing to Co2 emissions and global warming etc etc.

    Imagine how many watts it would be if the whole world had its stove fan thingy on 1 24/7.


  2. Mmmm…power


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