Tales of Survival (Beta)


Tales is a weekly event. It is started by the clan leadership and lasts a predefined number of hours.

It functions much like a dungeon, wherein there are buildings that have both Main and optional Side missions. To progress from one building to the next you need to clear the main missions. The goal of the dungeon is, in order of priority, 1) to defeat the boss as fast as possible and 2) to clear as many buildings and missions as possible.

Most missions work in one of three ways:

  • Assign Survivors of a certain type (ie. battle, research, trainer, medic etc)
  • Assign a formation
  • Fight with your formation

For example, a mission to assign survivors will require 30 survivors, while you yourself can only assign max 3. This means that 10 participants will have to assign survivors for this mission to complete. As such, if all participants spreads their survivors out too thin, no missions will be completed, and the survivors will not be released.

Because of this, it's paramount for success that the participants are coordinated and complete the same missions to avoid spreading too thin and getting survivors and formations stuck.


The clan leadership will typically lay out a path through the dungeon using by marking buildings in the sequence they should be completed, and only main missions on the first round. Untill the boss is defeated, the main purpose is to make it to and defeat the boss as fast as possible. Therefore we will focus only on main missions so we can progress to the next building. When the boss is defeated, we will fight through the dungeon in reverse, this time focusing on clearing all side missions. Also in the reverse clan leadership will mark out a numbered path so we can complete the dungeon most efficiently.

So, while going towards the boss, only focus on main missions and follow the building order laid out by leadership.

While going in reverse from the boss, focus on side missions closest to completion (but don't be afraid to be first on a side mission) and follow the building order laid out by leadership.

If you follow these simple steps, we can maximize rewards and make the dungeon as painless and fun as possible.


  1. Don't be discouraged when you fight the boss and loose. Everyone does. What the game doesn't make obvious is that we progress also on defeats, if only a small bit. If everyone fights we will defat the boss, bit by bit. Every bit counts.
  2. Often you can find troops a level above what you can produce. Your normally wouldn't use these in your formations, because they are too few, but in Tales the number of troops doesn't matter. It's only the troop level that counts. So make sure to equip your highest level troops, regardless of how many you have.
  3. On missions where you need to assign survivors, you should focus on only assigning the survivors that are recommended, even if you don't have three. It's better to assign 1 Medical survivor if that is what the mission asks for and leave the other two slots blank. This will net us more points overall. Only assign "incorrect" survivors if we absolutely have to to complete before time runs out.
  4. On the reverse trip, if you have participated in all side missions, feel free to move to the next building in the order and start side missions there. Everyone will follow suit once they have participated and eventually clear those you already started on.
  5. Remember, the more efficient we are, the more buildings we can complete, and the more rewards everyone gets. It's a win-win if we stay organized and follow the order.


Reach out in the Tales chat in-game and you will be helped.

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