uTorrent and Nod32 v3. Err!

I had this little problem when running uTorrent. When I was download or uploading at pretty much any speed, I could not browse the internet, whether I was using Opera, Firefox or IE. My friend Noel over at NoelsReality had the same problem, and we found a solution.

It’s Nod32 that apparently can’t scan the http traffic quick enough, and then chokes http traffic because bittorrent traffic takes all the resources. We tried the solution posted by the user zaid786 on Wilders Security Forums, and it worked. I quick walkthrough follows:

  1. Open Nod32 interface and click F5 for advanced setup
  2. On the left hand menu find Web access protection and expand
  3. Expand HTTP and click on Web browsers
  4. In the right hand list locate uTorrent and make sure it is marked with a cross (x). Not empty or ticked (v). Just click the box untill it’s crossed
  5. Chose ok, and you’re done 🙂

Nod32 and uTorrent, HTTP fix

Hope this helps 🙂


  1. I’m running NOD 3.0 and I just can’t get that stupid little box marked with a cross. It just clicks through blank or check, that’s it.

  2. I will check it out on my computer when I get back home and update accordingly.


    It appears to me as a V means the programs data will be scanned for viruses and so on. An X means it will not, while unchecked/blank means Nod32 have no specific orders and will scan if it finds it necessary.

    Are you sure you can not select a cross? If I click the checkbox it cycles through unchecked, checked, crossed and around again. If I click with the right mouse buttons it cycles the other way around. Make sure to double check this, then get back to me.

  3. Thanks very much. I had the same problem but now it’s gone.


  4. Thanks a bunch! This solved my problem with uTorrent. I’ve tried everything, even tried changing my routermodem. It never occured to me that Nod32 could be the problem.

  5. Yes, while this problem is fixed – I still can’t forward to a portal. It says any portal I put in is closed.

  6. I assume you are referring to ports when you are writing portals.

    If your home network is set up with a router it is likely blocking most ports unless they are specifically opened/forwarded in your router. So, the port you are using in µTorrent needs to be opened in your router. For instructions on how to open/forward ports in your router, see if you can find your router on this site: http://portforward.com/.

    Good luck 🙂

  7. I use NOD32 Version 4, and I cannot find this specific setting you are showing.
    Please help me. ):

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