Create a bootable USB flash drive

The user Nox on the Gamebeat forums created an excellent guide on how to create a bootable USB flash drive. It can be found here.

I have recreated the steps here, but I should say once again, I have not written the guide myself, Nox has.

  1. Download and install HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
  2. Download and unpack Windows ME boot disk to a directory of choice. I chose C:\bootme as suggested by Nox.
  3. Insert your USB flash drive to a free USB slot. Please make sure to backup anything you have on the drive, because this process will format the drive and delete everything on it.
  4. Run the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.
  5. Under device choose your USB drive.
  6. Under format choose FAT
  7. Under volume label you can name it for instance bootdsk or BOOT98SE as Nox suggests.
  8. Check Quick Format
  9. Check Create a DOS startup disk and chose using DOS system files located at
  10. Navigate to where you unpacked the Windows ME Boot Disk files (ie: C:\bootme)
  11. Click Start and if you accept the format warning click Yes.
  12. Observe the progress bar and click OK when provided with an info box.
  13. Congratulations, now you have a bootable USB flash drive.
  14. In order to boot from it you should enter your bios and make sure to select your USB flash drive as first priority boot drive. Note: In my bios the USB flash drive was recognized as a harddrive and not a removable disk. You might want to look for it there.

If you needed to create a boot drive such as this, you probably also need to run some program from it, for instance a formatting tool, bios flash tool or similar. That’s the glory of a USB flash drive, it usually has enough space for whatever you want to put on. Just copy the program files over to the USB flash drive, so when you boot you can just run them straight from dos. Needless to say, the programs must be able to run under DOS.

Enjoy, and if you like the guide, head over to the Gamebeat forum and give your thanks. You are also welcome to post a comment here 🙂


  1. Cool, thanks for the tip. Work provided me with a USB stick containing some promo material. Needless to say it’s now formatted and made into a bootable stick. Will try this linux distro out.

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