First! (Ok, I admit, I’ve been hanging around the World of Warcraft board too much).

Anyways, I finally got this blog up and running, hosted by SubSys in Norway. I am as of yet not quite sure what to post on this site. Do I want it to be some personal ranting space, professional discussions, everyday thoughts, how-to’s and DIY’s, not quite sure yet.

Stay tuned if you will, and maybe you’ll see something interesting come out of this blog.

May the force be with you!


  1. Hva slags tjeneste er dette og hva skal du bruke den til?

  2. espen: d’oh!

    Faderen: Nei, ikke godt å si. Litt forskjellig. Legge ut ting jeg lager, fortelle om spennende ting, hva som helst egentlig. Blir vel CV og slikt også etterhvert.

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