Former members of Atra Vulgus, reunite!

Are you a former member of Atra Vulgus; the best, if I may say so, WoW guild ever created? If so, leave a comment. And I’ll tell you why!

As you may or may not know, Age of Conan is currently aimed to be released March 25, 2008. AoC will be a mighty large game, and will hopefully include everything we loved about World of Warcraft, in addition to a lot more. So, back to why you should leave a comment. Myself and a bunch of friends are planning to create a new guild, and the more planning we do before launch, the better we are prepared and able to make the right decisions. If you may want to join in, leave a comment and we’ll talk closer 🙂 PS! I am Grellur.


More information about AoC can be found here (Wikipedia).

Eat lots of waffles!


  1. You know I am in. Atra Vulgus for 4 evah!

  2. Does it come without Noel ninjaing our loot? 🙂


    I will give the game a spin and I’m in for the guild! But I’m a bit sceptic about all that “replace WoW” -stuff.

  3. Replace wow is quite a statement, but we’ll see 🙂 Count me in if I don’t get stuck with UT III for the forseable future 🙂

  4. AV = win!
    Ziri = in!

  5. Good to see some feedback 🙂 I recommend that you help me link this page to former members you’re still in touch with! Hopefully we can get some of our beloved guildies back together!

  6. ..HELL YEAH! I’m in it for sure. Atra Vulgus gave me soooo many good memories and nowadays WoW just ain’t as good as it used to be… So, count me definitely in!

  7. Must say this is really nice, dont think I will be playing from Australia though. But if im allowed and im going to play I would wish for nothing less 🙂

    Good luck 🙂


    Is there nudity swearing alchohol and drug abuse???

    If the Answer is yyes I’m in .

    But you have to promise me i can stil keep bugging eirik for my epic mount and gear 😀

    Banananas 4 T win

  9. I love the pve aspect in wow, so would depend what kind of guild you plan to run and what kind of game it is

  10. Im in, been planning to play it so 😉

  11. hey guys,

    great to see everyone is still alive O.O

    i totally miss those Atra days, looking back at screenshots.

    I wont be joining you guys in AoC, Im still hooked on WoW, playing with some irl buds at the moment.

    Just not the same though 😛

    If I do get tired of the game i’ll give you a look up on the game.

    If anyone is still playing on WoW, im on Stormreaver Horde side (Owayodata) and Shadowsong Alliance side (Frehya)

    Fergie & Nibbles

  12. YO! I see I’m abit late 😮 Give back the good old days…

  13. Is this still on? 🙂

  14. well, I’m definitely coming to test AoC out when the retail hits the stores!

  15. Well I’m definetly to late I must say, been a while since the good old days in AV and I decided to google up the name and I found this 😀 Started playing alliance on Executus (Axedude), altho I don’t have any gametime atm if you’re going to start there in WotLK just pm me and I’ll gladely help out any old AV member

  16. Someone has Mentoz’ contact info?


  17. Alright, thank you anyways.

    Considering creating then, and play casually in WotLK and have fun leveling without stress.

  18. I’m not confident I understood what you meant by that last sentence Gorke. Could you explain?

  19. Oh, something in that sentence is missing, so that makes sense. Well, I reformed on Kazzak (Mentoz has a level 20 alliance! on kazzak under guild name . Just been inviting old AV members that are looking to catch up and level together in WotLK.

  20. aha, still missing info there. It’s the angle brackets I suppose. E.g <

    I said I reformed AV as Atrá Vulgus and have been inviting people that are looking to catch up and level together in WotLK, what the new guild has in its future is unknown I suppose.

  21. Adding to this that it has been recieved well, gathering quite a handful of old members and their friends. It’s cozy 🙂

  22. LOL guess who kiddies?! Its Zapor in all my typo having glory. Sorry Grellur if I am side tracking. Reading gorke’s post made me want to speak up. So it has come to pass that atra vulgus is back in operation on kazzak (….yes I am still an armory troll).
    I have been lurking around wowhead and wow-europe for a few months now. I keep trying to fight the urge to buy up some time and dust off Zapor but I dunno how much longer I can.
    Its been ages since I played which a bunch of you prolly know. I quit cause I realized the way I destroyed my life with WoW. Now the time may have come for the next chapter in topsy-turvy life. With this next step I hope to be able to return to WoW with Zapor.
    This is prolly not gunna happen right away. Its likely WOTLK will be out before I am up and running again cause there may be a move to america invovled in all this for me.
    But yeah I just wanted to say much love and many <3 <3 <3s for you all. I know its corny and kinda twisted cause none of us really “knew” each other but yeah you guys are missed by me. Seeing AV back in action has sealed the deal for me! Zapor will return regardless of what A.J.’s (me) life demands.
    Dunno what else to say but see you all on the up and up I hope. WIth any luck you’ll need a decent shammy to keep you alive or bash-a-face. I am guessing you’ll need the former rather then the latter. Seems like I saw a lot enhancement in the guild roster. Anywho I’d be hot to do whatever if you still you all still love me enough to hold a shammy slot for me. Granted I am gunnna level as dps. I wanna at least inspect the new dps b4 I right it off =D.
    OK that enough of an essay I think. Sorry again to thread jack but I wasn’t sure where else to stick it. Totems and cookies for all!

  23. lol that was big oops.


    Damn, we were talking about you, penis and faceface as recent as yesterday. Hope you come back and join us with slacking, leveling and good old av-fun 😀 -> forum up by Nhdar, not many on the forums but im checking and asking people to join the community 😀


  25. Hey!

    Anyone still alive? Does anyone even remember me? I was just sitting here, watching some old Atra Vulgus videos… us doing Onyxia. I miss the good old days!

  26. I´ll teach you to walk thru BWL again 😉

    /Craya /Raathgard

  27. remember me? the resto druid? hehe miss the old days of wow, good times 😀

  28. Anyone still playing wow of u guys?

  29. Still playing here! Gorke aswell as far as I’ve seen!

  30. I can’t get myself to delete my caracter……

  31. Yeah, no need for that, though? Grellur still exists on another server with another name after a friend borrowed the character. Perhaps I’ll reactivate and bring him back some day 🙂

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