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My name is André Gulbrandsen. I am an ’84 male human being. I currently reside in the old part of Oslo, capitol of Norway, together with my girlfriend.

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I believe I have an above average interest in computers; how they function as well as how they can provide great tools for almost anything. I like to believe only the imagination is a limit to the possibilities (set aside other obvious things such as hardware capabilities and research fundings etc.). However, although computers are great, one need a human mind to reap truly great benefits from this relatively new technology. This is where it gets interesting, and it’s called human computer interaction (in short HCI). This is my primary field of interest within computers.

Other interests are music, films and other more “generic” interests. On my spare time I also try to do some weight lifting with my friend Andreas Karlsen (make sure to check out his site WizKit from my blogroll). Somehow I argue with myself as to why I pay money to spend painful time in a studio. The human mind works in mysterious ways also.

After reading a book called Naiv. Super. by Erlend Loe, I developed a fondness for lists. I think I may add a list of all my interests at some point in time. Sounds like a good idea, indeed!

Career / Work

During the period 2003 to 2009 I was a part time employee at Smart Club AS, where maintained the cashier section in their largest store (~25’000 sqm). I had the fancy title of shift leader. The job included both human and technical aspects, whether it was technical problems or human issues. I also did some recruitment, including interviews and training.

In February 2009 I began in BasWare Norway as a consultant for electronic invoicing. More on this later as I acquire more experience and competence in the fields of purchase to pay and e-invoicing.


After finishing what is known as, loosely translated, intermediate school, with chosen subjects such as business economics and database development (read: MS Access 2000), I went on to take a bachelors degree on NITH (Norwegian School of Information Technology). My chosen subjects were Computer Network Management, Information Security and VB.net.

Later, I became a full time student at Brunel University in collaboration with NITH where I took a Masters study titled Master of Technology: Distributed Information Systems & Communication.

As part of the final year of my study, I wrote a dissertation. In brief it’s about context and usability on mobile devices. A few popular ways of circumventing/solving context-related issues are by using context-aware applications or customizable applications, either directly or by using 3rd party add ons. If such a solution is not an option, it might be beneficial to create a static page adhering to some preset guidelines of usability. The idea is that such guidelines will allow a website to suit several contexts, in a generic sort of way. I am considering publishing the dissertation on my blog, however, I have to discuss this with my school as they are the copyright owners of the dissertation. If you are interested in reading it, please contact me.

If you want to grab my CV, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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